About SeeResults

How SeeResults Came to be

Thinking Big & Rachelle Wood Nutrition After trying gimmick weight loss plans and struggling with achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, RHN Rachelle Wood (over a period six years) decided to take things into her own hands: She developed her own nutritional program. She followed this program to lose over 100 pounds and then used it to help her PEI-based clients lose tens of thousands of pounds!

As a result of this success Rachelle's client base had grown exponentially and was at a point where she could no longer take on new clients without risking service quality. She asked herself: "How can I continue to help people on their journey to a healthier living and not burn myself out?"

Rachelle new that if she could take her proven program online and share it with other nutritional consultants, that countless Canadians could reach their weight loss goals. But exactly how would she get her program from paper to a user friendly, online system? The answer was just down the street ...

Charlottetown based technology firm Thinking Big Information Technology had a history of creating unique, custom software programs. After being referred to Thinking Big, Rachelle quickly realized that her idea could indeed be realized. Complementary skills and a common goal of developing a valuable, unique online nutritional management system led to Rachelle and Thinking Big entering into a partnership and creating SeeResults.

Combining a simple yet powerful online platform with a proven nutritional program, SeeResults is very valuable to nutritional consultants and their clients. If you're a nutritional consultant and would like to participate in a convenient demo, chat about our pricing options, or just learn more about how SeeResults could benefit your practice and help your clients, one of our team members is standing by to help!